Colle : A team of pichers : generally 8 cutters and one leader in front to keep the pace.

H.A.C.C.P. process : Hazard Analysis Critical Control point
This method allows to value and master all the risks int the process of making the wine products. For this it is necessary to start with the analysis of the process of the specific place of production.

After the analysis :

  • a procedure hand book is edited ;
  • all the possible defects are identified.

All the people implied in the production make controls.

The H.A.C.C.P. method is thus the analysis of all the possible dangers top ensure the perfect mastery of the processes.

Demi-muids : Between the small wooden tun and the barrel (600 liters).

Pelicular maceration : The pips and the grape-skins are in the must before andduring the fermentation so as to give taste and colour.

Goblet - pruned : : An antic way of trimming. The trunk is cut very short so that the heat on the stones can reflect itself on the grapes under the leaves.

Terroir : It is an estate of the vineyards in an area, with the same type of soil and climatic conditions giving the wine a unique specificity.

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