The soils of the Domaine du Mas Rouge are Jurassic origin. They are in the form of old alluvium and limestone gravel, surrounded by scrubland very stony, green oaks and herbs (thyme, rosemary ...).

It is a Mediterranean vineyard, enjoying exceptional sunshine (over 300 days of sunshine per year) and low rainfall.

The vegetation is early, mature grape berries is enhanced by moisture laden winds from the sea Wood Aresquiers and the north wind by the mountain of gardiole.

The vineyard is carried out meticulous manner:

1) From November to mid-March the esssentiel our vineyard is cut in "cup" down (see photo above), so that the grapes can enjoy the day of the reflected sunlight from the stones and the night of the stored heat.

2) Throughout the plant cycle, after careful observation of the vineyard, phytosanitary treatments are applied methodically reasoned manner and not systematic.

3) Finally come the harvest, mainly manual, for a qualitative selection on stock. They take place from mid-August to mid-October following the different products that we will develop.

The love we have for our land and our region allows us to obtain quality wines.



The harvest at Domaine du Mas Rouge are essentially manual. The glue is made ​​up of about 40 people. There are three harvest time: mid-August for dry white wines; early September for natural sweet wines and late September / early October for naturally sweet wines that are "over-ripened harvest."
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